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It was the best of award shortlists

1 March 2024

As regular visitors to this website will know, I was absolutely delighted to have a story included in the Best of British Science Fiction 2022 anthology from Newcon Press. Now, I am just as delighted to announce that this book has been shortlisted for the BSFA Award in the Best Collection category. What a coup for editor Donna Scott in particular, but also for publisher and cover designer Ian Whates, and every writer who had their work reprinted in this book.

A mind-boggling number of my writer friends have their work included on this year’s BSFA Award shortlists, in various categories. Congratulations to them all! But a special shout-out goes to my dear friend and fellow OSB writers’ group member, Jaine Fenn, whose short story collection Strange Attractors (also from Newcon Press) is deservedly shortlisted in the … Best Collection category. (Okay, I’ll admit my loyalties are now somewhat torn…)

Good luck to everyone who has work on the shortlists!

Don’t let the dust settle!

27 February 2024

I’m delighted to announce that my flash-length SF/horror story ‘Dust Bunnies’ will be reprinted in Stupefying Stories: Showcase.

‘Dust Bunnies’ originally appeared in Shoreline of Infinity #34.

Did you know?

63% of my published stories have been reprinted or are scheduled for reprinting.

Why settle for just one future?

19 February 2024

I’m delighted to announce that my SF story ‘Elephant Talk’ is included in this amazing new anthology from Cybersalon Press, which will be launched this Easter during the Levitation 2024 convention at Telford, UK. For more news, please sign up to Cybersalon’s free newsletter at their website.

“What a wonderful and inspiring alternative to the so-called ‘world-building’ of today’s science fiction industry. Here are some real lessons on how to speculate in ways that may actually open new potentials for human flourishing.” Douglas Rushkoff.

Published on 31 March 2024.

Glass refilled with stars

13 January 2024

I’m delighted to announce that my SF story ‘Star in a Glass’ has been reprinted in Internova Issue 5.

This one has been a long time coming. It’s one of my favourite stories, so I’m happy to see it reprinted at last. It was originally published in the Music For Another World anthology (2010). Subsequently, it was accepted for reprinting in Internova in 2013. But then the site went on an extended hiatus, re-appearing only recently. We got there in the end!

Left behind in France

4 January 2024

I’m delighted to announce that French magazine Galaxies Science-Fiction has accepted my short story Those We Leave Behind for translation and reprinting. This will be the first time that one of my stories has been translated into French, and my eleventh foreign language in all.

Those We Leave Behind was originally published in Sci Phi Journal (2022).

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