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The Company He Keeps

23 May 2023

I’m thrilled almost beyond words to announce that my short story Those We Leave Behind will be reprinted in Best of British Science Fiction 2022, which is available to pre-order from NewCon Press.

Editor Donna Scott has selected two-dozen stories from some of the finest authors in the business. I am truly honoured–and grateful–to have one of mine included. It’s a career first for me.

Those We Leave Behind was originally published in Sci Phi Journal, to whose editors I am hugely grateful.

Museum Piece

20 May 2023

I’m pleased to announce that my SF story The Museum of the High Street has been reprinted in Museum Piece, an anthology published by Joyful Heave. Lovely cover!

This anthology is available as an e-book from the usual online markets, e.g. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. A hardback edition is also available from Amazon (the paperback edition will appear next year).

The Museum of the High Street was originally published as The Little Shop That Could in 22 Ideas About the Future (Cybersalon).

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Bad Moon Rising

2 April 2023

I’m pleased to announce that my hard SF story Survival Strategies has been reprinted in Moon: The Lunar Book of Horror and Dark Fiction, an anthology edited by James Gauvreau.

As of now, this book is available to purchase at Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Scribd. Other marketplaces (also a print-on-demand edition) will be added in the near future.

Survival Strategies was originally published in Neo-Opsis 6.

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