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Robots Revolting in Germany

21 August 2023

I’m pleased to announce that my flash-length SF story On This Day, originally published by Nature Futures, has been translated into German as Die Revolution der Roboter and reprinted by Spektrum, a German-language science magazine published by Nature Springer.

My published SF stories have been translated into ten foreign languages so far. This is the first time in German.

A Place at the Table

Updated 15 August 2023

Editor Donna Scott very kindly invited me to be one of her guests at the Best of British Science Fiction 2022 launch on 25 July, which was held on YouTube. Donna’s other guests were Robert Bagnall, Alice Dryden, Val Nolan, and Stephen Oram.

If you’d like to watch a recording of the launch, here is the link.

Probably my greatest pleasure as a published writer is receiving a contributor’s copy of a magazine or book which contains my work. For me, this one tops the lot!

The Best of British Science Fiction 2022 is currently available to pre-order (and purchase from 25 July) from Newcon Press.

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