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Zone of Revolting Bricks

31 March 2023 (updated)

I’m delighted to announce that Interzone Digital has published my SF short story, Feet of Clay. (Now free to read!)

If you’ve ever wanted to know how a bunch of sentient bricks foment a revolution, this one is for you!

This is my 54th published story. The wonderful illustration by Richard Wagner evokes the story perfectly.

Dusty Shoreline

19 March 2023 (updated)

I’m delighted to announce that Shoreline of Infinity has published my flash-length short story, Dust Bunnies, in issue 34 of this award-winning Scottish magazine. It is now available to order in print and electronic editions.

If you have concerns about what might happen if you buy a network-ready robot vacuum cleaner, you definitely need to read this story.

Dust Bunnies is my 55th published short story.

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