Projects and Positioning

June 2024

I will be continuing to work on the early chapters of my next novel, Rising Tide.

Forthcoming Events

I might be participating in a Cybersalon event during the summer. If it goes ahead, I’ll post more details in due course.



I make no apologies for the following messages. They are important to me. If you don’t agree with them, that’s up to you. But if so, I really don’t think you’ll enjoy my fiction. In which case you might do better to move on.

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well. If you haven’t done so already, please get yourself fully vaccinated against flu and Covid as soon as possible while continuing to take appropriate precautions, whether legally obliged to or not.

I continue to say “F*ck Putin”. Yes, I realise the West is far from blameless, but that doesn’t excuse the Russian invasion of Ukraine or the pounding of residential buildings and civil infrastructure into rubble, killing and maiming many innocent people in the process. The same applies to Hamas and Israel’s government. Stop the slaughter, now!

The climate emergency is not a hoax. No, it isn’t being exaggerated either. Act now. Demand that your representatives act now. (I was a professional scientist and technologist for many years, so I trust climate scientists in exactly the same way that I would trust a cancer specialist. You should too.)